Enterprise Managed File Transfer FileBarista is a comprehensive managed file transfer
solution that provides all the necessary management and
automation your enterprise needs

Designed to serve as a one-stop center for file transfer needs, it has capabilities to ensure reliable file transfers across heterogeneous platforms with enhanced encryption, authentication, compression, monitoring, and reporting features.


Managed file transfer (MFT), unlike traditional FTP, can address the following needs of enterprises:

  • Auditability
    MFT logs file transfer activity so that administrators can determine where each file is sent and when the transfer occurred. The transfer log is centrally accessible.
  • Security & Encryption
    File transfer requests require acceptance from authorized people or application systems whilst encryption keeps data safe.
  • Recoverability and reliability
    Network or other errors that interrupt a transfer must not cause the transfer to be abandoned or partial files to be received.
  • Platform connectivity
    File transfers must be able to span multiple platforms.


Enterprise File Integration

  • Complement existing middleware or SOA architecture
  • DMZ implementation allows enterprises to connect with external trading partners

Reliable Transfers

  • Resume or restart a file transfer that is interrupted because of network or system unavailability
  • Perform code character set conversions when initiating a file transfer between AS/400 system
  • File contents only appear at destination intact


  • Reduce/eliminate the costs of continually updating, maintaining, and improving a home-grown file transfer solution

Monitoring & Control

  • Centralized control with automation
  • Centralized monitoring dashboard

Improved Auditability

  • Complete and detailed audit logs of the entire journey that a file takes
  • Non-repudiation reduces risk of conflict and litigation

Security & Compliance

  • Keep user IDs and passwords secured while in-flight
  • Checksum ensures data is in original form
  • PCI DSS-compliant

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