Our cloud native solutions enable faster software development and the ability to build applications that are resilient, manageable, and observable - on par with global enterprise standards.


With greater use of containers to expedite development, proper management of these containers become crucial to minimise the complexities that would compromise the interdependent system architectures.

Containers enable developers to test, deploy and secure applications in resource-independent environments. With a proper management platform in place, the organisation, scheduling and storage of these containers will assist companies in streamlining container delivery, enable scalability and improve the performance of widely distributed applications.

Having an experienced team on board reduces implementation costs and mitigates deployment challenges, without posing significant risk to existing operations. Beans’ team takes pride in having significant experience in configuring, implementing and overseeing an enterprise-grade container management platform with a wide range of delivered projects under our belt.

Together with our partners, our developers can harness the power of web-scale micro services architecture directly from the tools they frequent be it through a web console, command-line interface, or integrated development environment to suit your application.

Our team is also able to automate source-to-image workflow to simplify the transition of source code via version control systems into ready-to-run docker formatted container images allowing build automation and enabling continuous integration with existing containers. Our platform also provides IT operations a secure, enterprise-grade environment that provides powerful declarative management for application services and automated placement, using the Kubernetes orchestration system.

Our principals & alliances: